Your Open Water Adventure

Come and swim with me to experience the freedom of the open water.

Coaching in a safe, confidence building environment.

Open Water Coaching

An introduction to open and cold water swimming

Technique Coaching

Improve your swimming technique

SwimRun Coaching

An introduction to SwimRun


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The best feeling in the world is when I am immersed in water, swimming. I am strong, capable and confident. I want to share that feeling with you in a safe environment and to help you achieve your goals. I will guide you to take on your next challenge in the water, be that winter swimming, a mile, 100m,
even a swimrun…whatever it is you
are going to do.

qualified as an STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach in 2020 and passed all qualifications in the National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP) in July 2021. I was a pool lifeguard in Islington between 1993 and 1995. I qualified as an ASA Assistant Teacher in 1995, achieved my RYA Power Boat Level 2, Power Boat Handling certificate in 2018 to provide safety boat cover for NOWCA swims here in Portobello, Edinburgh.

In the 90’s I swam with a master’s club in London, Out to Swim. I have been swimming outdoors all my life (which is why my Mum has always called me her water baby). I have participated in many mile swims, 2-mile swims but my longest swim to date was Lake Coniston in 2015 which is 5.25m/8km. Since then, I have focussed on learning more about the sea, how to avoid Lions Mane jellies and have started training for my own challenge.